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Electronics in Europe: 220 volts, huh?

The other program leaders and I will try to keep our eye out here for questions. But I would also be keen to hear thoughts from others who have been staying in Europe recently. Does anyone travel with a converter?

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  1. smithda December 13, 2017

    Hi Everyone!

    Looking forward to meeting you all in Oxford soon – one thing I’ve discovered that I’ve found useful for international travel is this kit of adaptors that Apple makes that plug into their white brick chargers: The whole kit is a little pricey but you can find individual ones and/or third party versions on ebay or amazon for quite a bit less. They let you avoid bringing converters or other gadgets if all you’re bringing are Apple devices to charge or things you can charge from an Apple usb charger brick (all those little white bricks with interchangeable plugs have built in converters).

    Hope this is useful!

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