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Postmodernism, or “Pomo” as it is sometimes called, is generally characterized as a free-spirited aesthetic revolt against the rules, expectations and orthodoxies of High Modernism. Below is a longer video by me, mostly looking at some architectural examples by Charles Moore and Aldo Rossi, but first here are two very different takes on postmodern design and the aesthetic of the 1980s, one quite positive (from last year) and one quite negative (from 2003). (Feel free to add a journal response, if you are so moved, about the ’80s look.)


“The Origin of the ’80s Aesthetic” (Vox, 2017, 6 mins.):


“Tainted Love” (BBC, Dreamspaces, series 1, episode 3, 2003, 5 mins.):


Postmodernism (27 mins.):


And, as a postmodern coda, here is another whimsical overview from the Open University in the UK.


“Post-Modernism: Design in a Nutshell” (Open University, 2013, 2 mins.):


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