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Casa Battló & Casa Mila

I gather that quite a few of you greatly enjoyed the Gaudí townhouses, but I also heard very mixed opinions about their marketing strategies, historic interpretations and didactic materials, pricing options and—perhaps most of all—the metaphorical presentations of the buildings, especially the Casa Battló. To add fuel to this fire (or grist to this mill—I should be wary of my metaphors in this particular discussion), here is a link to the Casa Battló’s official promotional video—some of the visual effects are very similar to those you might have seen on your audio-visual device at the site, in which the house keeps moving and coming alive in different ways. Feel free to share any thoughts you have about the building, the visit, the A/V guides, the promo video, or anything else on your mind.

“Casa Battló” (2013):

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